Inter Montane Challenge

Overcoming challenges of life

Do We Really Want a Life Without Challenges?

What is life like without challenges? I’d say it will be dull and boring. Can you imagine a life without work, without failure without tears? I wouldn’t want one.

Yes it may just be full of smiles joy and laughter. For sure it’s something I would like to happen in my perfect world. However, I’m not sure whether I would be the same without trials, challenges and issues to cry about. You see, I value mistakes and failures as equal as success. I believe it is something that shapes, moulds and enhances one’s personality. Without it, I would be just the same as who I as when I was born.

Often, we view difficulties as burdens and we live our lives trying to escape or run away from it. Bit in reality challenges in life is what brings out the best in us. The downtimes propel us to go higher. In this blog, we will boldly talk about life’s challenges in a lot of areas. We will share how we could all get over it with such triumph.

So tune in in the next coming weeks.