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Britney Spears Before and After Plastic Surgery Reveals Her Popstar Journey

Britney Spear is an actress, dancer, and most of us know her as a pop singer with numerous hit singles that hit the top the music charts. Britney began her illustrious career at the early age of eight with her natural singing talent. Many of us have witnessed her growth from a child performer to a pop icon in which she had influenced the teen pop music genre revival. However, her journey was not smooth sailing as her personal issues and problems became public and her erratic behavior harmed her career. Still, all is not lost for Britney as she is now revitalizing her singing career. Face value is important to her career and throughout her life, Britney Spears’ plastic surgery tells of her ups and downs.

Being a pop icon is a great privilege, but having an erratic attitude as you mature can lead to some mishaps. Britney experience such kind of downfall – from being the darling of the crowd to the “how fast did you age Britney?” moment.

You normally undergo plastic surgery to give you a young look, but in Britney’s case, it seems like it is the other way around. She does not look like her 20s anymore.

Britney’s glowing face says it all – she had everything, almost. But making minor changes to her face tells a different story.

It is difficult to hide Britney’s erratic behavior from the past, but simple fillers, and an eye lift can erase some of that evidence on the face. Seems like Britney is now getting back on track.

Maybe it is the makeup Britney used in both images, but it seems like she is aging pretty fast compared to other celebrities. She has to slow down.

When we hear the name Britney Spears, we automatically think of two words – pop icon. Of course, her elegant, eye candy looks are huge factors.

Maybe Britney needed some assistance from Hollywood plastic surgeons in eliminating the manifestations of her bad behavior in the past and this, in fact, is a big boost for her.

As Britney revived her career, it is evident that her appearance is catching up in a positive way. We would want to see her to mature elegantly, don’t we?

It is not just the face that Britney is taking back on the right track, but also her body. Of course, she is a dancer aside from being a singer and we are always swayed by her moves.

We all loved Britney’s charms, but it will be difficult to maintain that charm as she ages. However, Britney is Britney and there are ways to stay charming despite the age!